"This tool is really helpful in getting a quick overview as to whether a proposed community building project may be viable"

Lyn Kesterton, Locality Development Manager

Are you a community group or organisation considering a new build community housing or buildings project and want to see whether it has the potential to be viable?.

The Community Buildings Checker has been designed to give a quick and rough overview as to whether the basic parameters and assumptions for a community led housing and/or community building scheme has the potential to be viable. Since the design, mix and use of land and buildings are integrated with the business model, it is important to explore a range of different assumptions and scenarios and see the impact. The Community Buildings Checker is set up to encourage and allow you to change these simply and easily.

You can start the checker by using the button on this page. You should use estimates where specific figures are not known as these can easily be changed later. Remember that the tool is for early stage exploration of what might be possible but does not replace proper professional advice which will be needed in order to get a more accurate view on the viability and potential for the proposed project.