Reports and Scenarios

Separate reports are generated for housing and community buildings projects as well as an overall combined summary for mixed schemes. 

The reports include a chart which helps to give an indication of the cashflow over a 25 year period. This chart EXCLUDES borrowings (but includes the interest/cost of borrowing) in order that the underlying viability can be seen. When reading the chart, the point at which the cashflow line crosses the horizontal axis gives an indication of the cashflow breakeven point. The longer it takes to break even (if at all) demonstrates a higher risk and lower viability.

Below the chart is a summary of income and expenditure, shown both on an annualised basis as well as the total over 25 years. The annualised figures help to give an indication of an average year and exclude the initial capital cost whilst the 25 year numbers show a longer term position including the capital costs.

The report also highlights the main assumptions, and at the bottom of the page you can change some of these by entering an alternative figure in the white boxes or by adjusting the slide bars as part of helping get to a viable and realistic position. Press the "Submit" button to update any changes you have made, or you can always return to your original input by pressing edit at the top of the page. You can also download the report to a PDF.

REMEMBER this tool is to help with early stage understanding of what may be viable and does not replace proper professional advice and analysis which would be needed as a next step however should help in setting out an early specification for such work. The Community Rights service and helpline are there to give help and advice and there may be opportunities for grant funding to support you through these stages.